Tracking your APBA League players, where have you been all my life?

I put a call out on The APBA Blog Facebook page asking if anyone knew of any good baseball stat tracking websites.  I just wanted a way to keep tabs on how my APBA league players are doing in the MLB in an efficient manner.  Well, within minutes, Brett Sonnenschein, Greg Nims, and Phil Grabar all responded, recommending

I’m glad they did.  I’m already using it and loving it.

It’s an awkward name but bills itself as the “Baseball Stat Tracker” and that’s exactly what it does.  It took me about 15 minutes to register a (free) account and enter in my league team players.  Now, I can go to one web site and see all my Twin City Thunderchickens in all their 2012 glory in a roster form .  I can see how my pitchers and hitters did in last night’s game or check out their season-to-date stat totals. will also email you this data on a daily basis if you click the setting.  If you have more than one team you want to track, that’s not a problem. You can create more than one roster.

Another idea.. for those gearing up for next year’s league draft, I could see this being handy for inputting those rookies with potential and keeping tabs on them.

Thanks to Brett, Greg and Phil for passing this on!  I’ve been looking for something like this for a while!

[Update] I just got my first email notification this morning.  Here is the batters’ section…


I love this service.

PS, I need less zeros.  Can you arrange that for me? 


  1. I have used for years but I can no longer log in

  2. I can no longer log in to I have been using it for years. I get a response error 400?

  3. Donald Trump said this is “fake news” and has had it shut down

  4. I need my

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