Flashback Friday: APBA World Series Baseball Game booklet


John Williams brought me back to my school days when he sent me photos of this APBA Baseball World Series Game booklet. 

John saw my previous Flashback Friday post that featured the brochure for the World Series Game set which included the league champions for six different seasons and thought we would like to see the booklet that came with the game. 


When I saw the booklet, it immediately brought back memories.  The booklet itself wasn’t an integral part of the game.  Rather, it was purely informational.  It included boxscores of the World Series games for each of six series. 

The six teams included in the APBA World Series Game were:

  • 1912 Boston Red Sox and New York Giants
  • 1921 New York Yankees and New York Giants
  • 1925 Washington Senators and Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 1930 Philadelphia Athletics and St Louis Cardinals
  • 1942 New York Yankees and St Louis Cardinals
  • 1952 New York Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgers

I remember that set so well from my childhood that I ALMOST typed those team names in by memory.  Note that of the twelve teams, six were from New York. 


It was a fun and informative booklet that APBA included in the game.  For those of us who were new to teams of the past, it was useful to have.  Having actual lineups was borderline essential if we were to have a meaningful replay of a World Series.  Remember, there was no Internet back then (though The Baseball Encyclopedia was a great resource!).

For many, the World Series set was the first venture into Baseball’s past for many APBA fans.  It included a glimpse into deadball, the Ruth years and baseball’s golden era. 

As you can tell from the top photo, the game cost $10.95.  That included the game boards, sacrifice booklet and dice as well as the twelve World Series teams. 

thanks John Williams! 

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