2011 By the Numbers: Pitching

A couple days ago, I started a 2011: By the Numbers series by talking about the hitters.  Today, I’ll look at the pitchers from the 2011 baseball set.  In the entire list of players from the 2011 data disk, 662 players were listed as Pitcher as their primary position.

Best of the Best



Here are the top graded starters of 2011, specifically, those rated as an A pitcher.

Pitcher St. Grade
Clayton Kershaw 18
Justin Verlander 17
Jered Weaver 16
Ian Kennedy 16
Josh Johnson 16
Roy Halladay 16
Cliff Lee 16
Anthony Bass 16
Chris R. Young 16
Gio Gonzalez 15
Johnny Cueto 15



Only one pitcher was rated as an A&B.  That was Yankee reliever David Robertson who had an ERA of 1.08 in 66 2/3 innings.  Here are the all the relievers from 2011 rated A&C or better.

Pitcher Relief Grade Basic Grade
David Robertson 27 A&B
Eric O’Flaherty 24 A&C
Al Alburquerque 23 A&C
Scott Downs 23 A&C
Jonny Venters 22 A&C
Santiago Casilla 22 A&C
Greg Holland 21 A&C
Mike Adams 21 A&C
Brad Lidge 21 A&C
Jose Valverde 20 A&C
Craig Kimbrel 20 A&C
Mike Macdougal 20 A&C
Tyler Clippard 20 A&C


Breaking Down by Grade…


Let’s see how the MLB pitching looks when you break it down by pitching grades.  Let’s start with starting pitchers.

Pitching Grade # of Starters
A 11
B 50
C 96
D 115


And now, relievers…

Pitching Grade # of Relievers
A&B 1
A&C 12
A 60
B 84
C 111
D 164


…and by Ratings


Control Letters

The ZZ rating was not available at this time.

# of pitchers with a W 220
# of pitchers with a Z 170


Strikeout letters

Note:  Like the ZZ, the K rating was not available at this time.

# of pitchers with an Y 151
# of pitchers with a X 133
# of pitchers with an XY 87

I thought it strange that there would be more pitchers rated with an X or an XY than Y so I thought I narrow the filter down to just starters.  This is what I got:

# of starting pitchers with a Y 69
# of starting pitchers with an X 37
# of starting pitchers with an XY 13

This vindicated my theory but I still think pitchers are making a comeback with the K.


Master Game Symbols

I didn’t do all the MG symbols but I thought I’d do a few of them.

#of pitchers with an H 52
# of pitchers with an M 85
# of pitchers with an HB0 147
# of pitchers with a BK0 465
# of pitchers with a WP0 116


Some trivia


Which D pitchers won the most games in the majors in 2011?  Here’s your answer:

Pitcher Starting Grade Wins
Kevin Correia D 12
John Lackey D 12
Brad Penny D 11
Chris Capuano D 11
Ryan Dempster D 10
Ricky Nolasco D 10

Arggh!  As a Lackey owner, this frustrated me.

Another bit of fun.  Which D pitchers had the lowest ERAs?

Pitcher Inn. Pit. ERA MG Grade
Jarrod Parker 5 2/3 0.00 4
Graham Godfrey 25    3.96 4
David Huff 50 2/3 4.09 4
Juan Nicasio 71 2/3 4.14 4
Brad Hand 60    4.20 4
Anthony Swarzak 102    4.32 4
Jon Garland 54    4.33 4
Duane Below 29    4.34 3
Felipe Paulino 139 1/3 4.46 4
Brett Myers 216    4.46 4

Diamondback Jarrod Parker falls into the “What does a guy need to do?” category. He pitched one scoreless start for 5 2/3 innings on Sept 27 and was rated a D. I understand APBA’s reasoning but there’s a lot of talk going on about rating a player (pitcher or player) for what he’s worth despite his playing time. Godfrey is another case like that.

Finally, who were the lucky bums?  All of these pitchers were graded C pitchers despite having ERAs over 5.00.

Pitcher ERA St. Grade
Andrew Miller 5.54 5
Daisuke Matsuzaka 5.30 5
Henry Sosa 5.23 5
Clay Hensley 5.19 5
A.J. Burnett 5.15 6
Francisco Liriano 5.09 6
Jake Arrieta 5.05 7

Every one of these pitchers had a W to go with their C so that might have helped.  Five of the seven were from the AL too (Hensley and Sosa were not).

If you haven’t already seen the 2011 By the Numbers: Hitting post, check that out.  That’s kind of fun.  I’ll be doing two more.  One will focus on fielding and the other will cover the miscellaneous ratings, grades and such.

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