Monster Card Monday: 1927 Lou Gehrig

“6 on 15 and 10’s on 31 & 51… Are you kidding me?”

-Rich Zawadzki


Thanks to Pastor Rich Zawadzki for suggesting this 1927 Lou Gehrig card for Monster Card Monday.  It’s a fantastic card… and a rather unconventional one at that. 

Of course, it was one of Gehrig’s best years for the World Championship Yankees who won 110 games that year.  Even playing along side Babe Ruth, he still led the AL with 175 rbis.  He hit an amazing 117 extra base hits (52-18-47) and still managed to steal 10 bases and walk 109 times. 

1927 Totals 155 717 584 149 218 52 18 47 175 10 8 109 84 .373 .474 .765
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Gehrig’s power numbers of 1-1-3-5-5-6-6 are unprecedented for a full-time APBA card, I think.  The 15-6 necessitated moving his two speed numbers to the 31 and 51.  That’s just the beginning of his card’s unconventionality. 

He has a 32-41. The result numbers on14, 34 and 54 are all 13s (no other places to put strikeouts, I guess). 

My question to readers is what set does this card come from?  Doug Burg’s APBA Card 12 List states that the first 1927 set has the 12 at 61.  Is this from the first OFAS set?

Again, great suggestion, Rich! 


  1. And the best part about this card … not some bench player with 25 ABs.

  2. I sold that card to some guy in the 70s for like $40 – a lot at the time for a single card. He wanted it for a league he was in – I’m sure it helped his lineup!

  3. Hi from Nova Scotia…well it’s not from the original OFAS as i’ve still got (and love) that set. The fact he’s got a 15-6 is twilight zone material. As a matter of fact, his OFAS card is almost normal if you consider 6 power #s ‘normal’.

    The hit #s are 1-1-3-4-6-6 with a 15-10 and 25-7 and the traditional 2/9s and 2/8s. Also, he’s only given 3/13s as compared to 4 on the card above.

  4. I believe this card was from the original GTP 1927 Yankees set of 20 players that came out in the late 50’s. You can find more info from the Zack File or either of the two printed editions of the handbook.


  5. I think that you should ask the minister to play for you if your opponent shows up with this card.

  6. This is from the ’27 New York Yankees, Great Team of the Past #5, as described in the Zack book. This set was published 9 (from web version) times but there were result number changes in the later printings. The first set was published in 1952 (1951 from web version). Allinfo from the Zack book (or web version of updated Zack book)

  7. You are very welcome Doug.
    Yes, the Gehrig card is from the original (single column) Great Teams of the Past. It is my opinion that this is the “greatest” of all APBA Cards. Gehrig’s 117 Extra Base Hits is second only to Ruth’s “Monster” 1921 season. It is also my opinion that Gehrig’s 175 RBI’s in 1927, is more impressive than Wilson’s record 190 in 1930. Why? It is truly amazing to have 175 RBI’s in a season. It is even more amazing to have 175 RBI’s when the guy in front of you (Ruth) clears the bases 60 times (60 HR’s). WOW!

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