Monster Card Monday: 1941 Pete Reiser

Kevin Weber sparked a good conversation on Facebook with this 1941 Pete Reiser.  There is certainly a lot to talk about.

Reiser was born in St. Louis but he definitely bled Dodger Blue.  He led Dem Bums to the pennant in 1941 while leading the NL in hitting (.343), runs (117), doubles (39), triples (17), and slugging (.558).  Unfortunately for Pete, Brooklyn lost to New York in the World Series.

Reiser was fast, hard-playin’ and made the most of every play.  He lost the NL MVP voting to teammate Dolf Camilli.

Season Totals
1941 Totals 137 601 536 117 184 39 17 14 76 6 46 71 .343 .406 .558

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Much of the discussion surrounded APBA’s curious choice for power numbers for Reiser.  He was given numbers 2-5-5-6 and no first column 1.  Some joked about wondering if that means he wouldn’t hit any solo homers.  Of course he wouldn’t in APBA but my curiosity got the better of me and I looked it up.  Ironically, of Reiser’s 14 homers, seven of them were solo shots.  That doesn’t mean Reiser wasn’t clutch though.  Eleven of those 14 homeruns came while the score was within two runs.

In addition to his four unconventional power numbers, 1941 Reiser has plenty of hits.  He has three 7s and a 15-10 (that’s a 25-7!).  All told, he has enough hit numbers to give him a 64-9.

Pete has three 14s but with all his hit numbers, APBA had to put one at 26.  Of course, he is Fast, an OF-3 and as some noticed, APBA gave him the coveted 38 Arm.

Check out Pete Reiser’s bio on  Like most of SABR’s bios, it is excellent.  Many who were part of the discussion commented on Reiser’s catches against the wall and his many injuries (he only reached 500 at-bats one time… in 1941). SABR’s bio on Reiser bears this out.

Thanks Kevin!

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  1. I played 1941 NL many years ago–the Dodgers edged the Cardinals–and I am sure that the version of Pete that I used did not have this configuration, though I would have to pull the card out of the bottom of the closet to be certain. I really enjoyed that season, and one of the reasons I chose it was Reiser.

    Incidentally, I just finished 1956 NL. Braves by 4 over the Bums, but lost in 7 to the Yanks, who I just pulled out for the WS.

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