Monster Card Monday: 1977 Roger Freed

Darren Schulz passed on this 1977 Roger Freed card for Monster Monday.  Nifty numbers on this card!

Between 1970-1979, Freed played for five teams in eight seasons as a first baseman and an outfielder.  He never got a whole lot of playing time except for perhaps 1971 when he collected 348 at-bats.  That year, he only hit .221 with six homers so his prospects were limited.

In 1977, Freed solidified his claim to fame at least among APBA fans.  That year, he hit .398 for the St. Louis Cardinals with a 1.090 OPS over 83 at-bats.  He hit five homers and drove in 21 runs.

Season Totals
1977 Totals 49 19 95 83 10 33 2 1 5 21 0 11 9 .398 .463 .627

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Yes, Freed has plenty of hit numbers.  He’s got power numbers 1-5-5 plus an incredible five 7s which results in a 25-7.  That also gives him a 64-9 and a 61-9.

In addition, Freed’s 11 walks gives four 14s on his card.  I responded to Darren telling him that his 26-14 and 46-41 makes his 1977 card that much more appealing.

Note: on this original 1977 set, APBA put the 12 on 52.  Judging by this card, I can guess that the 27, which normally resides there, was moved to 23.

Freed played two more seasons for the Cardinals which were not quite as remarkable.  Combined, he batted .244 with four homers in 123 at-bats.

Thanks Darren.  Great choice!!

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  1. Wasn’t “Dirty” Kurt Bevaqua (sp?) in that same set?

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