Monster Card Monday: 2016 Trea Turner


Ok, this guy is no Hall of Famer (yet) but I’m of the belief this card is worthy of Monster Monday.  I have some stats to back it up.  This 2016 Trea Turner has pretty much everything…hitting, powers, lots of speed, decent on-base and did I mention speed?

For the Nationals in 2016, Turner his .342 with 33 steals and 13 homers in 324 plate appearances.  He hit 14 doubles and 8 triples and slugged .567.

He came in second to Corey Seager for the Rookie of the Year award in 2016.

Season Totals
2016 Totals 73 324 307 53 105 14 8 13 40 33 6 14 59 .342 .370 .567

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Generated 12/4/2017.

Ain’t no one catching Billy Hamilton!

I had the privilege to have Turner on my Twin City Thunderchickens this year.  He was the very first pick in the Illowa APBA League 2017 rookie draft.  Boy, was this a fun card to play!

Officially, our 2017 season is wrapping up with 18 games left and at this point, Turner is second in the league with 27 stolen bases despite his limited playing time. Looking forward to December, he has four more steals.  Not only that, he’s the only player on my team who’s batting over .300 (.303) in our pitching-rich league.

Despite his single column 5, I’ve been batting Turner in the leadoff spot.  He has power numbers 1-4-5-6 but even better, he has 11-11-11-10.  Even with two 8s and two 9s, that gives him a juicy 42-9.

In addition to his steal numbers, he also has a 45-14*.  Unfortunately, he only has one more 14, at 36.  A further bonus, not only does Turner not have any 24s but he does NOT have a 25.  He is blessed with a 12-29.

Finally, outfielder Turner is available to play short (SS-6) and second (2B-8).  Those looking forward to 2017 know that Turner played shortstop as his main position.

Thomas Nelshoppen

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  1. Where did you get that picture of the card?

  2. Reminds me of those Joe Morgan and Cesar Cedeno cards of the 1970s!

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