Monster Card Monday: 2017 AL MVP Jose Altuve


Dave Rueck sure liked this 2017 Jose Altuve card. And why wouldn’t he?  It’s the kind of APBA card that will fit anywhere in the lineup.

Houston Astro Altuve handily won the AL MVP award over slugger Aaron Judge.  With a league-leading 204 hits, Altuve was the batting champ with a .346 average.  That’s his third title in the last four years for those keeping count.

In addition to the AL MVP hardware, Jose Altuve was named to the All-Star team and garnered a Silver Slugger selection for second base.

Season Totals
2017 Totals 153 662 590 112 204 39 4 24 81 32 58 84 .346 .410 .547
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Mr. MVP begins with the basics.  He is a 2B-8 and he is Fast.  But wait, there’s more!  He has good power with a single column 1 and three zeroes (notice the second column 3 AND the 5?).

But Altuve’s offensive weapon is his speed and his bat.  Not only does he have a 55-7 but he has a 15-11 and a 25-10.  With his three 14s, that gives him eleven chances to get on even against a Grade A pitcher.

Other notes:  Altuve gets a boost with the hit and run play as he has three 31s.  He has a 24-31.  That may come in handy as he has two double play inducing 24s.  Jose also has a 62-22 in case the opposing pitcher was to play a little chin music.

thanks, Dave!!

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  1. I really like they way he plays and I think this is an excellent card – but not a “monster” card. For secondbasmen look at 1901 Nap Lajoie or 1922 or 1924 Rogers Hornsby. Those are “monster” cards.

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