Terrible Card Tuesday: 2017 Rougned Odor

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Thomas Fulton has an opinion about this new 2017 Rougned Odor card.  Says Tom:

“I know he hit 30 hrs. But playing in Texas why wouldn’t you give this guy a day off when he only batted 204?. Think a couple days off might have helped?”

Season Totals
2017 Totals 162 651 607 79 124 21 3 30 75 15 32 162 .204 .252 .397
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Generated 1/23/2018.

Okay. this is not exactly a TERRIBLE card.  I mean Odor’s card doesn’t stink (groan).  After all, he did hit 30 homers.  Who doesn’t like a 1-5-5 especially with runners on base?

Tom’s point still stands.  I wouldn’t want to hit that 31-13 with the game on the line.  For that matter, it’s interesting that APBA didn’t put the 13 on 35 and give Rougned a 31-36?  While not great, it is still a positive result?

Thomas Nelshoppen

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  1. He hit Joey Bats. To heck with him.

  2. “Day off? They don’t make them like me anymore.”-Cal Ripken, Jr.

  3. Not only is this a horrid on-base card (justified by the .252 OBP), but he gives up 11 Master Game grade points to lefties! That basically turns a C into an A. And he doesn’t make it up with defense, either. My guess is if someone’s playing the ’17 Rangers and looking to max out the roster’s potential, save Odor for pinch-hitting with runners on and spot start him against C/D right-handers.

    It’s about as ugly a batting table as a 1-5-5 can get.

  4. I went back looked at his stats and his card for 2016 and it looks like a totally different player. What the heck happened?

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