Who has the K, R, ZZ and 14* in the 2013 baseball set?

As some of you know, the baseball data disk doesn’t allow for extrapolation for the pitcher ratings of R, K and ZZ as well as the steal asterisks on batting cards.  With the arrival of the new set, we now know who has these ratings. 

Reader John Briggs who just received the 2013 card set, passed this rating information on to me.

Here’s John’s note:

These are the K-R and * numbers for the new card set

3.. Villar-Hou. Dyson-KC (5 total *)
2.. Casilla-Bal, DavisR-Tor, Gentry-Tex
1.. Bradley-Bsx, DavisK-Mlw, Getz-KC, Gomez-Mlw, Gutierrez-Sea, HairstonS-Was, JohnsonE-Atl, MartinL-Tex, RodriguezA-NYY, SchaferJ-Atl, Weeks-Mlw, Wong-StL, YoungE-NYM

NOTE > DavisR has 18 second column 6s & Dyson has one 6* & one 17*

Albers- Min RZ
Britton- Bal R
CruzR- Hou RW
Diamond- Min RZ
Garland – Col R
Gibson- Min R
Guthrie- KC RZ
HernandezP- Min R
League- LAD RZ
Petricka- Csx RW
Richard- SD R
Westbrook- StL RW

Mujica- StL YZZ
Rivera- NYY YZZ

Alburquerque- Det KW
BaileyA- Bsx KW
Chapman- Cin KXYW
Darvish- Tex K
Delabar- Tor KW
Farquhar- Sea KY
Frieri- LAA KW
GomesB- Tam KYZ
Grilli- Pit KY
Henderson- Mlw K
Hochevar- KC KZ
HollandG- KC KX
Jansen- LAD KXZ
Kelley- NYY K
Kimbrel- Atl KX
Logan- NYY KZ
MillerA- Bsx KYW
PerezO- Sea KW
Perkins- Min KZ
RodriguezP- LAD K
Rosenthal- StL KY
Salazar- Clv K
Santos- Tor KZ
Siegrist- StL KW
SmithW- KC KZ
Uehara- Bsx KXZ
Withrow- LAD KW

Who cares R
Schumaker RW
Recker RW
Carroll R
Fuld R

thanks, John!! 

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