Handy Tips for APBA Football Replays by Greg Barath

APBA Football fan Greg Barath was kind enough to pass on some valuable tips on conducting APBA Football replays.  Specifically, Greg hits on topics such as prepping for your replay, standardization, and your different methods of play depending on the down situation. 

Greg has wrapped this all up in a MS PowerPoint presentation entitled “Conducting Season Replays and Tips for Solitaire Play” which you can download and view here.  Also included in the presentation are some handy ways to score football games as well as keeping stats for teams over a season. 

This all looks very handy.  It ALMOST makes me want to try getting back into APBA Football and doing a late 70s replay again (I was a big Walter Payton fan). 

Thanks Greg!!


  1. Wow, I didn’t know my stuff was so popular. Yes, that’s my scoresheet. :)

  2. Glad someone is still using that stuff. By the way, very nice Power Point presentation there.

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