League Profile: Retro 5Y League


Louis Vasquez contacted me about a unique project he his involved in.  It’s a retro league using the years 1948-1952.  The most interesting thing about this deal is that the Retro 5Y League will be using a different tabletop sports game for each year. 

It is Season II now and it is APBA’s turn.  You can find out more about the Retro 5Y League project here.

Some quick facts on the Retro 5Y League:

League Name

Retro 5Y League

Contact Person Louis Vasquez
League Website http://5ybaseball.magix.net/public/
Sport Baseball
# of teams 10
Year of inception 2001
Basic/Master/Computer/ Combination Basic Game
Does your league play… out of the box


Louis’ comments:   

“Draft league, five seasons (1948-1952). A different game is used to play each season.

Season II is underway, and will be the only season to use APBA. Two divisions with promotion and relegation at the end of the season. Div 1 has more teams and plays more games (six, 140), while the four teams in Div 2 play out a 102 game season. Originally, the 5Y League covered 1998-2002, and only used NL players.”


It is a very interesting concept for a project, Louis.  I would be curious once this is over if you would do a review of all five games you used. 

Thanks for sharing!

If you want to brag about your league, we’re listening!  Tell us all about the league you are in and we’ll post a profile about it.  In the meantime, read about other leagues who have written in.

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