Cody Bellinger tops 2018 Boys of Summer draft

bos draft

On Sunday, the Boys of Summer APBA League conducted their 2018 draft.  The BOS league is a 16-team which uses APBA Baseball for Windows.  Put very simply, the rules of the drafts are any player that isn’t already on a BOS team is eligible to be picked.

Thanks to Brad Stark and Steve Ruder for putting in the effort to making this an efficiently-run draft.  We were able to get through 12 rounds for all 16 teams (not to mention a few trades in the midst of the draft) in the course of five hours.

If you’re wondering, the league used an online collaboration tool called GroupMe.  For my opinion, it worked well for conducting our draft.  The BOS set up a chat room stricktly for the draft announcements and another one for chatting between managers.

One feature of GroupMe is that it will text you EVERYTIME someone submits a chat message.

bos texts

I don’t think I need that enabled anymore.  Although, I may leave it to show people how popular I am.

Anyway, you’re here to see who the top picks were.  Here is how the first round of the 2018 Boys of Summer APBA League went:


Pick Team Selection
1 Brooklyn Cody Bellinger 1B
2 Micatin Ian Happ 2B/OF
3 Swatara Rhys Hoskins 1B/OF
4 Portland Victor Robles OF
5 DeWitt Kyle Freeland SP
6 Holland Ozzie Albies 2B
7 Buffalo Paul DeJong 2B/SS
8 Urbana Charlie Morton SP
9 Swatara (from Spring Branch) Luis Castillo SP
10 Vancouver Rafael Devers 3B
11 Traverse City Zack Godley SP
12 Corktown Amed Rosario  SS
13 Fairgrove Archie Bradley RP
14 Swatara (from Seattle) Lewis Brinson OF
15 King Road Eddie Rosario OF
16 South Side JP Crawford SS

There weren’t too many surprises, especially Bellinger’s and Happ’s picks.

Thanks again to Brad and Steve as well as the whole league.  The draft went fantastic!

Thomas Nelshoppen

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