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  1. I have enjoyed the APBA Baseball Game since 1966. It provides many hours of entertainment.

    • What version of APBA Baseball do you play, the table top or the one for windows? And do you play the basic or the masters version? I’ve been playing since 1998. And I have a rather nice collection of season sets to. I have season sets that cover every era of the game, so there’s not a player I don’t have. I don’t belong to a league, cos I refuse to use a DH. I play the basic version of the table top game. I also play off season winter ball to help kill the winter blahs. So baseball is a year round thing at my house. I always tell people, baseball is my life, my wife. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  2. I have been playing APBA Baseball since the ’74 season, and really enjoy playing it.
    Could you give me the names of other people playing the GTOP VOL 1,2 &3. Would like to contact them.

  3. I purchased a new APBA Baseball game with the 4playoff teams: Boston, St.Louis, Los Angeles Dodgers, Baltimore Orioles. Will add other teams. I have Vol. 1-3 Seasons, plus Vol4, which I added.

    I ordered all 2013 Strat-o-matic teams plus Xtra players.

  4. New book coming out – a picture history of football games (tabletop/board) including APBA, Strat-O-Matic, Bowl Bound, Statis, and hundreds more.

    Saw a preliminary copy – very cool

  5. Dino Pizzoferrato

    My brother and I are interested in playing in any Chicago area leagues. We use to play APBA in our youth in the 70’s and have been playing again this last year or so.

    We also been collecting many seasons since 1973 upto 2011. We also have many of the older seasons like 1959, 1961, 1969 etc.

    We’d be interested in participating in any leagues or tournaments in the Chicago area.
    I can be reached directly at .

    I hope to hear from other APBA league directors and enthusiast!


  6. I am interested to find out if there are any leagues in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area.

  7. I am interested in finding out about any leagues in the Philadelphia Metro area?

  8. been an apba fan since 1969 (twins, Harmon Killebrew) I have each version of APBA computer game along with many card sets. Was in two different leagues over the years and still enjoy the whole hobby.

  9. I’d love to find some APBA players in the San Francisco Bay Area/Sacramento area for some face to face play, or I’d be interested in a play by mail (or in today’s case, email) cards and dice league. It’s a great game and great hobby.

  10. The Baltimore-Washington APBA Baseball League, a 12 team, MG, face to face league which will start it 42nd season in March 2017, currently has one managerial opening. If anyone in the Baltimore/Washington Metro area has any interest, please feel free to contact me at

  11. The Bump Proffitt Memorial apba Baseball League resides in Central Illinois. The mixed-format league currently has 7 teams that play a full 162-game schedule on a four-year cycle, after which we have a complete draft. We use the old boards and loaded dice (just kidding on the dice). The game has been played here since 1962.

  12. Looking for a league in north georgia.

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