In strange ending, City Boys hold off Country Gents in 2017 IAL All-Star Game 6-5

A tense moment during the 2017 IAL All-Star Game

In one of the closest Illowa APBA League All-Star games in history, the City Boys held off the Country Gents in a 6-5 contest.  The City Boys had the lead the whole game but the Gents made a comeback scoring a run in the ninth inning bringing the score within one run.  That brought about one of the strangest endings to an All-Star game I’ve ever seen.

With two outs in the 9th inning and runners on second and third, Jose Altuve was up for the Country Gents and Aroldis Chapman was on the mound.  Manager Dennis Jennings rolled a 64-22 on Altuve.  Everyone was scrambling to look that up on the charts and once they did, it was necessary to double check the defensive fielding.  It didn’t really matter; the game was over either way.

Here was the result of the last play:

22–C-Runner picked off 3rd; A-C PO-3B

D-SINGLE; runner on 2nd hit by batted

ball; other holds 3rd; PO-SS

For probably the first time in IAL history, the last out was made on a base hit.  Altuve gets credit for a hit but Buster Posey who was on second, is called out which ended the game.

Northside Hitmen Nolan Arenado thirdbaseman was voted All-star Game MVP.  Arenado went 3 for 4 with a double, two rbis and a run scored.

The ‘Boys were also helped by a two-run shot by Adam Duvall.  Freddie Freeman hit a two-run homer for the Country Gents.

Back to your Regularly Scheduled Season

Of course, we all ended up playing some regular season APBA too.  We each had 30 games to play for the weekend.

John ‘Brando’ Brandeberry’s Missoula Rattlesnakes was the big winner this weekend going 19-11.  Brando moved firmly into playoff position from 4th place to 2nd.  He essentially traded positions with normally tough Chuck Lucas and his Northside Hitmen who suffered a 13-17 weekend.

Since Brando lives in Missoula, Montana, we used Skype on a mobile phone so Brando could participate in the All-Star Game.

Brando, if you’re reading this, this is how we saw you during the All-Star Game.  The photo doesn’t pick up your image well but we saw you fine.

Yes, you were propped up against the cookie jar.  It actually worked pretty well until Chuck wanted a cookie and forgot it was holding you up (sorry about that, buddy!).


After the win, the City Boys gave him high fives (and the Country Gents big congrats).


A Founder Returns


You may recognize the man on the left in the photo above.  That’s Don Smith who has attended many APBA tournaments (note the famous duck call).

The man on the right is Dennis Jennings.  Both are original founders of the Illowa APBA League going back to 1975 (along with current President Mike Bunch). Dennis has a rich history with the IAL including (but not limited to) a run of four years in first place (1985-1988). His year in 1985 was pretty phenomenal.  He went 115-47 with the help of MVP Harold Baines.

Now, Dennis has decided to make a return to APBA and the Illowa APBA League after a 29 year absence!  Denny will be helping out the league when we have a need for a pinch-manager.  We’re glad to have you back, Dennis!

Congrats to the City Boys especially game manager Keith Smith.

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