RIP APBA fan Mike Miller 1952-2017

Mike Miller (left) poses with Howie Mooney at the 2016 Chicagoland tourney

These are the toughest articles to write.  Mike Miller, a baseball and APBA fanatic, passed away last week.

I had the privilege to meet at the 2016 at the 2016 Chicagoland APBA Tournament.  Mike traveled all the way from California to Grayslake, Illinois for the tournament.  We had a few moments to chat alone.  In fact, it was Mike who made sure I got home.  When my taxi did not show up on time, he graciously gave me a ride to the train station with minutes to spare.

A native Californinan, Mike Miller was a die-hard San Francisco Giants fan but had an overall love of baseball history.  From the little time I spent with him, I found him to be very friendly, someone who you could become friends with immediately.  And Mike LOVED to talk… about anything.  It was amazing how many topics we hit in the short time we were together.  To me, he seemed fascinated with the Midwest and how our ways were so different than the West Coast (you’re probably right, Mike).

If you are on Facebook and knew Mike, you have probably already seen the outpouring of support and love he has gotten on his page since his passing.

keep rollin’ 66s and thanks for the for ride, Mike.


  1. Oh no! I met him at that same event. Seemed like a good guy. Rest in Peace, indeed.

  2. May he rest in peace…

  3. And,may GOD give strength to Family and Friends through this difficult time…

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