Excel stats setup: Creating a dynamic team roster

I just uploaded another quick video on how I set up my stats for the Excel fans out there.  It’s a follow-up to the first one when I created player worksheets.  This video takes the data from those player worksheets from the first one and displays it all in a meaningful fashion in the form of a stats roster.

As always, watch in full-screen mode for best experience.  Those numbers are tiny!



Topics covered:

Bulk editing worksheets

You can “group” worksheets by holding Control and selecting each worksheet or hold Shift button and select the last worksheet in the range.  All edits will now affect every grouped worksheet.  Right-click and “Ungroup Sheets” when you are finished (don’t forget!)

The SUM function



will display the sum of all cells between A1 and A20

Paste Link

Rather than pasting the static text, Paste Link is dynamic and will display what is in the referenced cell even if it changes.

Here is the Excel file used in the video.

At this point in the setup, team files are ready and just need to be populated with players and stats.

The fun is just beginning.  We’ve now laid the groundwork.  Once we get some useable data, we can take it and create a league roster and get down and dirty with data.  We can then start playing with leaderboards, standings, total team stats, pretty much whatever you want.

Next time:  Putting together a League Register.

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  1. Thanks again Thomas. Really enjoying these and really looking forward to the leaderboards part. That’s the area that has totally baffled me as I don’t really know pivot tables.

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