Rod’s Replay Insider #22: How to keep track of pitcher usage

Pitching stats, particularly the number of starts, is a key statistic in keeping track of what is going on in your replay.

Starts, unlike total appearances (starts and/or relief appearances, provide you a means of ensuring that your pitching stats are correct and accurate.

Simply stated, a team’s won-lost record and the number of pitching starts for a team must be equal. For example, if the 1986 Atlanta Braves record is 47-23, then the number of pitching starts must equal the total number of games played or, in this instance, 70 games.

So, beyond simply putting down the number associated with a pitcher’s performance?

The most efficient and practical means I have found to track pitching stats is to record pitching performance on a game-by-game basis. This requires a little more time to record, but as your replay unfolds, it provides a means of finding out who started when and also provides you a window into individual pitching performances.


Key indicators are S for start and R for relief appearances.

I also put a small number alongside each start number, which helps to track how many games an individual pitcher has started. I indicated relief appearances in a different color to distinguish the relief appearances from starts. This is as important in modern-day replays, when relief specialists only appear in relief, but it’s an important stat to track in replays that precede the onset of relief specialists.

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