Starting from scratch: a video tutorial on setting up replay stats with Excel

I received some good feedback on my video tour of my Excel stats setup of my 1966 National League replay so I thought I’d put together a series of videos on how I got to the point where I’m at now.  Here is the first one.

The best place to start is at the beginning.  This current video starts with a blank Excel worksheet and essentially recreates the player stats sheets.  As I mention in the video, once you get a good template created, it can be copied and used over again.


[note: make sure you watch this video in full screen]

There is nothing elaborate or mystical shown in this video.  While this shows only the player entry sheets of my stats setup, it is the important part.  This is where all the data comes from.  Without it, there are no leaderboards, standings, team stats or anything else.

I will go into how that is set up in future tutorials.

Formulas used


…where E3 = hits and C3 = At-bats


Slugging Percentage=(E3+F3+(2*G3)+(3*H3))/C3

…where E3=hits, F3=doubles, G3=triples, H3= homeruns and C3=At-bats


On-base Percentage: =(E3+J3+M3)/(C3+J3+M3)

…where E3=hits, J3=walks, M3=HBP, C3=At-bats


Earned Run Average: =9/E3*H3

… where E3=innings pitched and H3=earned runs.

Keep in mind that formatting can be done to personalize the page the way you want it.  The exercise file (which you can download here) is pretty drab but you can give it a little color and flair.

Next time around, I’ll focus on using pasted links to display one team’s roster and stats on one page.


  1. Thanks Thomas! Looking forward to all of the videos.

    • Hi Brett,
      Yeah, me too! Again, this is just a start. We’ll get to some fun stuff soon.

      This video does illustrate why inputting stats is a little more fun for me. The numbers don’t go into a black hole but rather I get to see them update on the fly.


  2. Tom,
    Thanks a million for your informative
    how to video. Looking forward to the next one.


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