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I got an email from Richard with a question:


I am interested in selling my APBA baseball 1975 complete set with xb’s , lineup sheet and master game symbols in the original team envelopes.Can you give me any info on doing this?


I’d have to say of all the questions I get from APBA players over email, ones like these are the most popular.  Either someone wants to sell a card set or is looking to buy a used set.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as putting an ad in the local paper or even online sites like Craigslist. APBA games are such a niche product that you need to go to where other fans are.

Here was my answer to Richard:


You pretty much have two choices.  The first is putting it up for sale on Ebay.  You’ll certainly hit a large audience.  If you’re familiar with doing that, you might have good luck.

The other is posting an ad on the APBA Between the Lines forum.  There is a Classifieds section there and you might find a taker.  If you haven’t been to the forum, it’s free and only requires you to register.  Here is the address.

hope that helps!


I will add this.  I’ve bought a fair number of sets off Ebay in the past and haven’t had a problem.  That said, you will probably find a “friendlier” audience on Between the Lines (then again, your mileage may vary).

Do others have a source where they buy/sell used APBA products?

PS now that I’ve given Richard a free ad, I’d be happy to put anyone who is interested in his 1975 set in touch with him!

Thomas Nelshoppen

I am an IT consultant by day and an APBA media mogul by night. My passions are baseball (specifically Illini baseball), photography and of course, APBA. I have been fortunate to be part of the basic game Illowa APBA League since 1980 as well as the BBW Boys of Summer APBA League since 2014. I am slogging through a 1966 NL replay and hope to finish before I die.


  1. I recently sold 3 sets of APBA sets on ebay. When they sold it cost me $32.00. I sold each set for $30.00. They charged me the price of one set. I am done with ebay and will never return. I hope other people do the same thing.

  2. I am trying to find a die hard APBA player interested into buying with a ton of amount of sets along with abunance of sheets not cut or punched out that are new in the box and 2 fresh boxes of game set that have not been opened with sleeves to put them in .All are in mint condition from various seasons from the 1900’s along with the new 2013 game board …

    • I don’t know if you still have any old APBA cards remaining but if so I am very interested!!! Notify me as to status.

      • I have some APBA baseball sets I am interested in selling. 1922, 30, 38, 41 49, 79, 80, 81, 84, and 87. I also have All Star sets by Team and all time. And an original box, set of boards (use, with taped edges), sacrifice booklet and dice with cups. All are original issue with envelopes and rosters. The 79 and 80 have all of the player on the roster, but they may be from other years. I also have a shoe box full of loose cards from the 60’s and 70’s.

      • I have several complete baseball games, don’t know what years, yet. also about 20 boxes of complete sets of cards, don’t know years. also a hockey and golf set each. willing to sell all for a reasonable price. they are all in very good condition. thank you.

      • Hi,are you still looking for apba cards? I have a collection.


      • I have Boston Braves,Boston Red Sox,Philadelphia Athletics,St. Louis Browns,Detroit Tigers,New York Giants,New York Yankees and Cincinnati Reds
        Apba Cards in excellent condition

    • I have about 250 packs of apba baseball cards I but don’t know how to
      value to sell? 1906, 1950’s, 1960’s…too
      numerous to put here. Any help?

      • I’m looking for a used playable APBA set from the early 1900’s to 1919. I’m not a collector so they don’t have to be pristine, just playable. I can be reached via PM on Delphi’s APBA between the lines board or the tabletop sports board.

        • Not sure how to leave a message on Delphi. Flailed around with it for 10 minutes and gave up. I have a used 1911 set that I’ll sell at an affordable price (plus necessary shipping, but that should not cost much). Let me know if interested. Rod Caborn, , cell 407-463-0927.

    • Are they still available and how much?

      • Jim, what are you looking for? I have 1963-1985 good to great condition.

        • Steven – I’m looking for the APBA 1978 Baseball season cards. Email me at

          Thank you,

          • If you are still looking for the 1978 season, I have a set of APBA cards that I believe is the complete 1978 season. Even have the APBA printed document listing all 26 teams and respective player cards included in the set. In excellent condition.

          • I’m sorry it took me so long to return to the site. Are you still interested at all ?

          • By chance are you still interested?

        • i’m looking for 4 great condition cards
          1969 Denny Mclain A2YZ TIGERS
          1871 Ferguson Jenkins Cubs
          1982 Joe Ferguson Angels XB
          1984 Derrel Thomas Angels XB

        • steven wood , i am interested in individual cards 1963-85

          • Hi Jimmy. I much prefer to sell as a whole set. One big package deal. However, what are you looking for and what is your price range?

      • Sorry didn’t replay sooner. Sold within an hour of posting.

    • Hi
      Are you selling APBA sets and/or teams?
      I and a few college roommates want to buy either complete seasons and/or specific teams from specific years.
      Also, do you have the big cards which “interpret” the dice roles.
      3 October 2016

    • Do you still have apba cards for sale .

  3. Becky, look and see what sets are selling for on eBay to get an idea of the values for things.

    Original prints of card sets always seem to be in demand. Someone is selling a 1974 set for $78.88 at the moment, but a 1983 is bid-less at $29.99. Condition matters as well.

  4. Looking to trade a couple of older sets in extremely good shape for something modern 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. I have a 79 and 80 set and a 1930 set I believe.

  5. I have a 1999 Baseball season plus a ton of Strat seasons 4 sale

  6. There are several forums within Delphi Forums that one can use to sell sets. Strat-o-matic Gamer Forum 2 and Table Top Sports.


  7. to Jim
    everything is sold

  8. Gregory S. Pavlakis

    For those folks in the Kansas City Area,

    I have several APBA Baseball Season Card sets for sale.


    Call Greg at 913-209-8576

    • Hi. What seasons are you selling? For how much? Jim

      • Gregory S. Pavlakis


        I’ve got the following seasons:

        49′, 71′, 72′, 79′, 80′, 81′, 83′, 96′ and the 99′ season (which is a multi-colored set).

        All sets are under $25. Excellent condition.


        • Hi greg. Could you ship to north carolina? Jim

          • Gregory S. Pavlakis


            Yes, What seasons are you interested in?

            Please give me a call and we can work out the details.

            Regards, Greg (913)-209-8576

        • I am interested in the 96 season if you still have it. Are XB’s included?

          • Gregory S. Pavlakis


            I sold my 96′ set some time ago. I’m sorry I did not respond to your 27 May message. I have not checked this blog for some time.

            Right now I have the 49, 64, and 79 seasons available. I have sold or currently selling the other season sets which I listed in my original message of Feb 25, 2016.

            Regards, Greg

        • I’m.looking for football cards from 1972-2016

  9. Hi everyone, Im a player collector and am looking to purchase the Don Mattingly game card from the 84, 85, 86, 87 and 88 Replay Baseball game. Will pay top dollar for any of them. If you have one please let me know

  10. I have sets from 1963-1985 all in good to great condition. The only thing is that I don’t have 1965.

  11. I have a ton of APBA Card Sets that need a good home. Most are from the 70’s. A relative passed away and now the cards are taking up space in the garage.

    • Hi joe im jim. Just wondering if you have the 1976 season?

      • Jim,

        I can’t tell. I have never played the game. I can tell you I have over 24 shoe boxes filled with cards in individual envelopes with the teams labeled. Some cards go back as far as the Brooklyn Dodgers & the Philadelphia A’s. Other packs are labeled senior circuit and junior circuit. What that means I do not know. I did see 3 sets of cards copyrighted 1985,86 & 87.

      • I do.

    • Football cards?

  12. Hi guys, I have full sets from 1963-1983 missing only 1965. I want to sell as an entire lot. This is twenty seasons ready to go for your pleasure. Not missing any cards. The cards have been used but are still in good condition. I’m looking for a good offer including shipping. I want to get these to a good home but I want to have a fair deal as I am selling these for a family member. I will throw in 2 extra sets of 1951 Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants.

  13. Robert Caparanis

    I have the original 1953, 1957-1981 cards (not reprints the haven’t seen the light of day), never played with plus most of the seasons from 1961-1981 are in the original box, and have the line up sheets, if interested let me know at
    Been playing this game for over for over 56 years went to the original APBA tournaments in Detroit area, Bob

    • Hi Robert – I am very interested in purchasing several of the season sets of the cards listed. Especially the 57-61 sets.

      Please fill me in on more details.


  14. Intrested in buying apba baseball cards. Thanks bob.especially older sets and old great teams of the past.

    • EMAIL ME thanks bob

    • I have a lot of 1927 cards APBA.

  15. I have a lot of APBA cards for sale. All in great shape. 1927 and 1976. Looking for a good deal for both if us.

  16. Looking to purchase 1908 and 1929 sets. Jim

  17. My father is selling what I believe to be a complete collection old APBA cards. All new from 74 up, and some of the previous ones to back to 51 might be reprints. Negro Leagues, All Stars. There are over 100 complete sets.
    Looking sell as a lot. Tons of lineup sheets, periphial materials.

  18. I am looking for the 1985 and 1990 NFL season with XF’s. If you can help me please contact me on the APBA Between the Lines message board. jdudley41

  19. Looking for 1961 baseball season

  20. Hey does anyone know if Brian Davis is still alive??

  21. I have an original, complete game set from the 1956 season (1957 edition) for sale. No marks on any of the cards or any of the envelopes. I have everything that was included in the game: Lineup sheet; “How to Play” board; Sacrifice Booklet; 16 packs of cards in their original envelopes; 4 large two-sided situation cards; 2 dice – 1 red/1 slightly yellowed; the original (slightly damaged) box.

  22. I’m looking for apba football cards from 1972-2016

  23. I am looking for information regarding the value of a widow’s former husband’s collection of APBA material. His collection contains two boxed board games, a Master Game and a Baseball Game, as well as 1200 to 1400 or more team envelopes with player cards with teams from the late 1800s through the late 1990,s and possibly some newer. The condition of the cards vary widely, from excellent to fair. It appears that there are also some football cards in the mix of loose cards. I checked around the New Orleans Area for information with no luck. A fair value is essential for selling the collection as the widow will need the proceeds to offset assisted living arrangement costs. Any help is appreciated.

    • If the sets are complete, the value is probably in the low four figure range, unless your friend has any of the card sets published in the 1950s, which are worth a lot of money. (The 1956 game described in the October 16 post above just sold for $4000 on eBay.) Verifying the completeness of the sets would be a very tedious task, though. There are plenty of people on the “APBA – Between The Lines” Delphi forum who would be happy to offer pointers on determining what exactly your friend has, and how best to sell it.

  24. Marcus,
    Thanks for the reply. Cataloging all of the material will take well beyond the time that we can afford (or are willing) to invest. It sounds like any time spent would be best invested in documenting the teams/cards in the 1950’s envelopes.

    • John,

      No doubt it would be easiest to offer everything as a single “as is, no guarantees” lot on eBay. But as you said, I think it’s worth getting a quick fix on exactly which card sets you have. The experts on the forum can help you determine if you have any valuable original issues or other rarities. For the season sets, the date of publication is key. Good luck!

  25. Looking for 2015 if available.

  26. Looking for 2015 if available.

  27. I have a original 1955 printed 1956 issued APBA 16 team complete card set for sale. These are not reprints. I’m asking for a good collector’s amount of money. The whole card set is in great condition.

  28. I have the game board with thousands of cards and several papers, etc I wish to sell everything. All cards, etc. I will be getting pics of everything together this week if anyone is interested.

  29. I’m looking for the 1928 A’s and 1927 Yankees. Let me know if you’re willing to sell. Thank you

  30. Looking for a copy of 1967 APBA Baseball roster and lineup sheet without the extra players. 20 players on a team that came with the original cards

  31. Hi, Looking for a set of 1968 football cards playable conditiion.

  32. I have a HUGE accumulation of older APBA baseball cards, most in mint condition that I;m willing to sell as full season sets and in teams. Please send me your wants/needs list. I’m also open to trade if you have what I need.
    I also have an original APBA Championship Football game, never out of the box. Teams never out of their envelopes — for sale or trade.

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