A homecoming tourney of sorts for Jim Saska


Jim Saska explains the mods to Bob Eller and Jim Welch

Two APBA tourneys in one day?  Again? 

Well, kind of. 

See Jim Saska was back in Chicago for the weekend and thought it be fun to get together and play some APBA.  Even with Ken Schulz’ LBS tournament happening out Pittsburgh way, he still managed to get five guys together.  Jim, Bob Eller, Scott Fennessy Jim Welch and I met in the original Chicagoland tourney location of the Woodstock Public Library.  Afterwards, the gang went to a book signing event by David Kaplan.  I couldn’t attend the Kaplan event but it certainly looked fun from the photos. 


Scott Fennessy helps Bob and Jim with the mod charts

First things first.  If you can believe it, Jim has already acquired a southern accent from his time in Virginia.  Accent or no, he still loves to tinker with APBA. For our impromptu tourney, Jim suggested we use a few basic game modifications for our tourney.  We used the following for our tourney:

– Coxx pitching chart

– Error chart

– Unusual Play chart

– Fielding modification chart

– Pitcher Fatigue modification

– Pitcher strikeout, walk, and HR allowed modification

Personally, I liked the pitcher fatigue chart and the Coxx chart.  They were new to me, easy to pick up and they added a lot to the game.  They WILL add more dice rolls to the game so if you’re used to a quick game, they may not be for you.  However, they do add a bit of realism. 

Who won the tourney?  I have no idea.  I had to leave a bit early due to family obligations.  I made the effort to come to this because I wanted to see everyone and I especially wanted to see Jim who had moved away from the area a few years ago.  It was Jim and Doug Schuyler who got me interested in tournament play again back in 2013.

One last thing… Jim brought back a piece of APBA tournament history with him.  Here is the tournament bracket from the very first Chicagoland tourney in which Curt Bartel defeated Doug Schuyler in the finals. 


Bitter memories, eh Doug?

It was great to see all of you!  Jim, we all miss you here in Chicago! 


  1. I’ve also developed a taste for sweet tea and bbq since moving back down south

  2. Hey Jim,

    I am interested in hearing about the modifications that you use. Any chance you could share them with us (me) ?? Thanks I can give you my persoanl e-mail if you need that.

    Doug Raeburn

    • Sure, I’d be glad to Doug. Send me your email address.

      • Thanks Jim! My e-mail is:

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