The Butler did it! Dick Butler’s 1977 Phils + 1919 Babe Ruth win Prairieland 2!


Last Saturday, 22 APBA fans descended on a Drury Inn to participate in a APBA baseball tournament dubbed Prairieland 2.  It was the second of its kind held in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.  This year’s theme?  Participants could draft one MLB team from 1970-2000 with one hitch… they could also draft any player from the deadball player to help bolster their team.  The draft was done in February and you can see the team/player pairs here.

When all was done, Dick Butler was left standing.  His 1977 Phillies who was helped by 1919 Babe Ruth made the postseason and scored 23 runs more than his opponents in regulation play.  After successively defeating David Kagel (2000 Yankees/Turkey Mike Donlin) and Todd Daniels (1998 Yankees/Chief Bender), it was on to the World Series for Dick. 

Meanwhile with Todd Daniels in the mix it was starting to look like it might be an all-Daniels World Series.  Brother Kyle Daniels (1998 Braves/Eddie Collins) was making his move in the postseason.  However, he was taken out by Joe Schall’s 1994 Indians and their +1, Ty Cobb. 

prairieland 2-4686

The stage was set for the World Series between Butler’s Phillies and Schall’s Indians.  Calm, cool and collected, Dick rolled his dice with his nifty Detroit Tigers-themed dice tower and got the job done.  I have the feeling, Ty Cobb wasn’t helping Joe who once muttered, “I going to bench you, Cobb!”. 

It took all three games but the 1977 Phillies won it all!  Congratulations to Dick!  And a hearty well-done to Joe! 

Here are all of the postseason teams!  Nice going guys!! 


Dave Rueck

1982 Brewers Tris Speaker

Doug Bedell

1975 A’s Grover Alexander

Jim Welch

1981 Dodgers George Sisler

David Kagel

2000 Yankees Mike Donlin



Kyle Daniels

1998 Braves Eddie Collins

Todd Daniels

1998 Yankees Chief Bender



Joe Schall

1994 Indians Ty Cobb



Dick Butler

1977 Phillies Babe Ruth


prairieland 2-4654

Most importantly, I think everyone had a great time.  We had a good mix of returning people from last year and new guys.  Some participants had never played in a tourney before.  In fact, David Kagel (above playing Tom Fulton) had just picked up the game last year after decades of not playing.  His 2000 Yankees made to the postseason.  Todd Daniels who I met at last November’s Chicagoland tourney, made it to the semi-finals. 

A special mention goes to Gordon Rodell.  He came all the from Fort Myers, Florida to be in this tournament.  He did visit his mom who lives in the area but I think his wife is on to him. 

prairieland 2-4659

Will there be a Prairieland 3?  You bet!  Tournament organizers are already tossing around ideas for next year’s tourney. 

More photos from the Prairieland 2 tournament here. 

Take good care of that trophy, Dick!!


  1. Great job Thomas and all others that helped set this up. Hayden and I had a great time, even if Ty Cobb didn’t live up to his reputation.

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