Monster Card Monday: 2017 Clayton Kershaw


Giving due attention to the pitching cards, here is Clayton Kershaw. More specifically, it is his 2017 APBA card.

He of course was a Grade A pitcher that year.  In fact, he had the second highest Master Game pitching grade after Corey Kluber.  You can see it down the grade down in the corner, a 17.

Season Totals — Game-Level
2017 Totals 18 4 .818 2.31 27 27 1 0 175.0 136 49 45 23 30 202
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Let’s go back a year.  Looking at my 2016 by the numbers: Pitching article, Kershaw is the featured photo so he must have done something right.  Yep, he had the highest Master Grade that year (well, tied with Rich Hill but I’m not even going to make that comparison).  Again, he was a Grade A Master Game Grade 17.

Let’s go back to 2015 by numbers: Pitching.  Yep, there’s Kershaw.  He’s third highest that year.  He AGAIN had an A grade and AGAIN had an MG 17 grade.

Shall I go to to 2014 y the numbers?  Why not?  Hey look! There’s a Clayton Kershaw’s photo!  He was the only one who received an A&C grade among starters that year.

Clayton_Kershaw_8664700662One more time?  2013 by the numbers??  Sure!  Wait a minute!  There’s a problem here.  I used that photo twice.  Yep, Kershaw had the highest MG grade with a 19 (A).

I’m afraid to back any more.  Should I risk it?  What do you think?  Ok but it’s on you.  2012 by numbers: here I come.  Wow, I put Fernando Rodney’s photo on there, really?  But hey, Kershaw is there!  He ekes in with a Grade A and MG grade 16.

Wow, after that Rodney thing, it’s getting a little dicey.  Who knows what 2011 by the numbers might hold in store?  Hey look!  Clayton K is back on top!  #1 with a MG 18 grade and that’s an A.

I’m now looking at 2010 by the numbers: Pitching and I am NOT seeing Clayton Kershaw’s anywhere on the list of top graded starters.  What a bum.

I’m kidding course.  Clayton Kershaw has been graded as an A starter for eight years in a row.

Thanks, David Hawkes!

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  1. Very nice article on a great pitcher. But I wouldn’t call this a “monster” card. Jack Chesboro, Ed Walsh, Smokey Joe Wood…those are Monster Cartds (at least in my opinion). Especially Smokey Joe’s, because of the hitting. Or look at 1978 Terry Forster. Grade A pitcher, XY, who hit .500.

    Those are monster cards. :)

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