8 Regional APBA tournaments currently scheduled for 2018


With the new year coming upon us, I decided to update the tournament calendar.  Wow, we have a lot of regional action going on.  A total of eight tournaments are currently scheduled plus the National APBA Convention and Tournament in June.

Established tourneys are going strong.  I was particularly impressed that Jim Fraach’s TCAABT will be having its ninth tourney!   In addition, a few new ones are popping up like Earle Shamblin’s 1st annual APBA Heartland Tournament in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Good luck, Earle!

The first tournament of the year is a two day affair in January.  Bill Lilley is hosting a Master Game tournament near Akron. As of now July and March are big months for tournaments.  There are currently three in July and two in March.

Go ahead and view the calendar if you like.  Tournament organizers, feel free to check the details.  Also, I’ve added the bare minimum to each entry.  If you have further info you want to add, please forward it on to me.

And as a teaser, there will be one more tournament to be added soon.  Once I finalize some details, I will be announcing the details of Prairieland III Tournament VERY SOON.

Thanks and kudos to Randy Coryer who solicits this info and publishes it in the APBA newsletter.

Tournament calendar

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  1. Tom,
    Love the new blog format. First class all the way. Look forward to the announcement of Prairieland III. Hope I will be able to attend.

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