Prairieland 3 teams chosen (but it’s NOT still late to enter!)

prairieland 2-4653

Chris Strangeman and Eric Berg at Prairieland 2

The initial team selection draft for Prairieland 3 is finished and 23 APBA fans have chosen their teams for the April 28th tourney which will take place at the Ramada Inn Springfield (IL).

We certainly have more room if you weren’t part of the draft.  If you would like to play in Prairieland 3, contact me or join the Prairieland 3 Facebook event and let us know.  Here are details and the rules of the tournament.

Which teams were taken so far?  Here’s the list…

Manager Team
Kyle Daniels 1928 Philadelphia Athletics
Chris Strangeman 1931 New York Yankees
Dave Rueck 1930 Chicago Cubs
Todd Daniels 1923 Cleveland Indians
Joe Schall 1951 Brooklyn Dodgers
Tom Fulton 1931 New York Giants
Janes Welch 1947 Boston Red Sox
Eric Ney TBA
John Gedwill 1954 Chicago White Sox
Mark Dyel 1922 St Louis Browns
Dave Kagel 1920 Chicago White Sox
Thomas Nelshoppen 1930 Philadelphia Phillies
Jeff Boeding 1930 New York Yankees
Kurt Bergland 1954 Brooklyn Dodgers
Quinn Naugle 1952 St. Cardinals
John Roels 1927 Philadelphia Athletics
Eric Berg 1930 Washington Senators
Rob Spatz 1942 Brooklyn Dodgers
Dick Butler 1927 Chicago Cubs
Bob Eller 1956 Milwaukee Braves
Ryan Daniels 1924 Pittsburgh Pirates
Scott Dike 1922 St. Louis Cardinals
Dave Chestnut 1954 Milwaukee Braves

Eric Ney, please contact us! It’s your pick.  :)

As we hoped, there are a lot of teams from different eras within the 1920-1960 parameters.

1920s: 8 teams

1930s: 6 teams

1940s: 2 teams

1950s: 6 teams

It’s a bell curve favoring the 1920s.

The 1930 set was quite popular with a total of four managers selecting teams from that year.  They include the Cubs, Yankees, Senators and the Phillies (your truly is once again attempting to win with a last place team).  Three teams were chosen from 1954 (Dodgers, Braves and White Sox).  The years 1922, 1927, 1931 all had two selected.

With the theme “Golden Age”, it fits that the Brooklyn Dodgers would be the top team taken.  Rob Spatz chose the 1942 Bums, Joe Schall took the 1951 Dodgers and Kurt Bergland is taking the 1954 Trolley Dodgers.

And the record for the most brothers rolling dice goes as always, to the Daniels brothers with three.  Ryan, Todd and Kyle will all be attending the tourney.

Thomas Nelshoppen

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